BelOMO Professional-Grade Jewelers' Quadruplet Loupe Magnifier (20X)

BelOMO Professional-Grade Jewelers' Quadruplet Loupe Magnifier (20X)
The BelOMO 20x Quadruplet Loupe Magnifier is an extremely high quality, achromatic, magnifier manufactured by BelOMO. It has a viewing area of 0.28" (7mm), much larger than the Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Magnifier.
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BelOmo 20x Magnification Professional Quadruplet Loupe

The BelOMO 20x 17.5mm (0.50") Quadruplet Loupe Magnifier has a viewing area of 0.28" (7mm). The 4 elements making up this quadruplet provide a bright and clear view. The 20x power magnification provides the strongest magnification recommended in a hand held magnifier. While a 20x power magnifier provides lots of magnification you'll find depth of field (that amount of vertical relief that appears in focus) small.

Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association (BelOMA), makers of sights for guided weaponry, camera lenses, and other optical components manufactures these loupes. The high quality optical lens of each loupe is tested and certified, just like a camera lens. The housing and cover are coated with a matte black finish and assembled using flat head screws.


  • 20x Magnification Power.
  • Large 0.28'' (7mm) Viewing Area.
  • Large .50" (17.5mm) Optical Quadruplet Lens Provides Plenty of Light For A Bright & Clear View.
  • Great for jewelery, coins, gold parties and more.