Diamond Moissanite Testers

Moissanite vs. diamonds. How do you tell them apart? Traditional Diamond Testers are not enough anymore, the proper diamond moissanite tester is the answer! In this category you will find Electronic Moissanite Testers and Combination Diamond Moissanite testers.

Traditional Thermal Conductivity Diamond Testers will give you positive results for a Diamond when synthetic Moissanite is being tested, which may lead to a very costly mistake. Adding a Moissanite Tester to your repertoire will eliminate this type of error when you want to make sure your stone is genuine. Just use it on stones for which your Diamond Tester gave you positive results for a Diamond, and you will see the difference.

An Electronic Moissanite Tester is a super easy way to test for moissanite! Synthetic moissanite is very widely available these days - it can be found everywhere. Its value is only a fraction of a diamond's value, and synthetic moissanite is easily confused with diamonds -- especially by a person without any gemological training and/or experience.

If you do not already have a diamond tester, you may want to invest in a diamond moissanite combination tester. These testers perform both tests -- a thermal conductivity test and an electrical conductivity test -- nearly simultaneously and give you a direct result of whether you have diamond, moissanite, or some other simulant.