Diamond Testers

A Diamond Tester is an absolute necessity when it comes to testing for diamonds. No wise investment is ever made without research and verification, and diamonds are no exception. Whether you are a consumer, gemologist, pawnshop owner or jeweler, the need exists for an easy, quick, accurate, and reliable way to make sure that you are dealing with real diamonds. An Electronic Diamond Tester is the answer to that need.

With the advent of diamond simulants that are more similar to true diamond than ever before even experienced professionals can be left unsure at best. However, with an electronic diamond tester anyone can be confident in his or her gemstone transactions. By measuring the physical properties of a gem, electronic diamond testers are capable of providing the user with the ability to distinguish between actual diamonds and other gemstones.

You shouldn’t have to worry about buying or selling diamonds, so be sure that a small mistake doesn’t cost you big with an electronic diamond tester.