iGem Jewelry Testing Kit for Diamond Moissanite & Colored Gemstones

iGem Jewelry Testing Kit for Diamond Moissanite & Colored Gemstones
IGEM Instruments' Jewelry Testing Kit for Gold, Diamond, Moissanite and Colored Gemstone Testing includes the RS Mizar M24 Electronic Gold Tester, the Presidium Electronic Gem Tester,and the Presidium Electronic Moissanite Tester PMT II
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We’ve taken the guesswork out of jewelry testing.  We have bundled our most popular items together for your convenience and savings. It is less expensive to buy (and ship) a kit, and we are assembling the best items for the task.
Our expertise in Electronic Jewelry Testing devices allows us to bring you the best set of jewelry testers for your testing needs at the best prices possible.

This Complete Jewelry Testing Kit includes:

• RS Mizar M24 Electronic Gold Tester
• Presidium Gem Tester/Colored Stone Estimator PGT/CSE
• Presidium Moissanite Tester PMTII

This Kit will allow you to:

• Test for Gold -including testing for gold plate, platinum and palladium.
• Test for Diamond -to eliminate all known Diamond simulants including Synthetic Moissanite.
• Test for Moissanite - this is the best Diamond simulant to date (traditional Electronic Diamond Testers cannot distinguish between Diamonds and Moissanite).
• Test for Colored Gemstones - distinguish between commonly confused colored gems:

This test is great for:

• Colored gemstone jewelry sellers and buyers
• Any online jewelry seller or buyer
• Estate jewelry sellers and buyers
• Pawn shops
• Any other jewelry seller or buyer who needs to know if a gold item is really gold, if a diamond is a real diamond or fake, and if you are not sure which colored gemstone you have in your jewelry
• Special note for Estate Buyers and Vintage Jewelry Buyers

Many of the vintage jewelry buyers and estate buyers are asking the following question: Why do I need to have a moissanite tester? Synthetic Moissanite is a new stone and cannot be found in antique, vintage jewelry.
The answer is simple: You are absolutely right as long as you are 100% sure that the stones were not switched in the item you are buying. As in most situations that is not the case.  You do need a Moissanite Tester to be sure that the Diamond in your item is real.

RS Mizar M24 Electronic Gold Tester

The RS Mizar M24 Electronic Gold Tester is easy and safe to use with no messy acids involved.  Everything necessary to start testing immediately is included.
The most advanced gold tester in the world, the M24 precisely determines gold karat values equal to or greater than 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 20K, 22K and 24K.

• Tests gold from 9 to 24K
• Tests all color gold alloys
• Non-destructive testing
• Distinguishes gold flash and gold plate from solid gold
• Determines platinum
• Battery operated, Automatic shut-off increases battery life
• Tests in as little as two seconds
• Advanced technology - Patents 5080766, 5128016

• M24 Electronic Gold Tester Unit
• Bottle of 1995 testing solution
• Cleaning supplies - eraser, cotton swabs
• One year manufacturer’s warranty
• Owner's Manual
• Packaging

Please read Owner's Manual Online if you need more information on this Electronic Gold Tester or proper Gold Testing Procedures.

Presidium Gem Tester/Colored Stone Estimator PGT/CSE

The Presidium Gem Tester / Color Stone Estimator provides a quick, easy, laboratory proven way to identify Diamonds, and it separates the most popular colored gem stones from one another. This valuable tool can eliminate human error when identifying precious gems. The Presidium Gem Tester's accurate performance is based on the fact that different gem stones conduct heat at different rates. Simply touch the Gem Tester's sophisticated Thermoelectric Probe to the surface of any mounted or loose stone and the specially calibrated dial will show you the Relative Heat Conductivity of the material.

The Presidium Gem Tester / Color Stone Estimator is made under rigid quality standards. It is easy to operate and convenient to own. The light-weight portable unit is powered by two (2) AA 1.5-Volt batteries or the AC adapter provided. Calibration is made easy with the two Test Discs mounted into the frame. The Solid State Probe Pen requires no warm up time between tests and includes a built-in metal detector which will alert you if you have accidentally touched the mounting instead of the stone.

Size : L-165mm (6 1/2") x W-77mm (3") x H-77mm (3").
Weight : 272gms (9.7 oz).

• Presidium Gem Tester with a testing probe
• Soft case and hard carrying case
• 120V/60Hz AC Adapter (USA)
• Owner's manual and 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
• Packaging

Please add $15.00 if you need a 230V European AC Adapter.

The Color Stone Estimating function was added to the Gem Tester as an aid in distinguishing some of the most popular gems. It can be used with cut stones, mounted stones, and rough stones.
It can easily distinguish:

Sapphire Vs Tanzanite Jadeite Vs Chrysoprase
Sapphire Vs lolite         Jadeite Vs Aventurine quartz
Sapphire Vs Spinel         Ruby Vs Spinel
Sapphire Vs Citrine         Ruby Vs Garnet
Sapphire Vs Topaz         Topaz   Vs Aquamarine
Sapphire Vs Tourmaline Topaz Vs Amethyst
Emerald Vs Jadeite                 Topaz Vs Citrine
Emerald Vs Garnet                 Spinel Vs Garnet
Jadeite Vs Garnet                 GemstonesVs Glass

1. This instrument, as any Refractometer, does not distinguish between natural and synthetic stones. Further examination is recommended for a final analysis.

2. The use of this instrument is restricted to the gems listed above and will assist the jeweler to identify many confusing stones in the market
We are a Presidium Instruments Authorized Dealer, and we receive our products directly from the manufacturer.

Presidium Moissanite Tester PMTII

This reliable Moissanite Tester will help assure you that you are not tricked by moissanite (the best Diamond simulant to date). This tester is therefore developed with the sole objective to identify Synthetic Moissanite (Silicon Carbide).
The Presidium Moissanite Tester II (PMTII) is designed specifically for identification of Synthetic Moissanite mounted on metals. The measuring procedure is very simple.  Just touch the highly sensitive measuring probe made of a special grade polymer to the stone.  The tester produces an instantaneous reading.

PMTII is recommended for use after receiving positive test results for a Diamond with a Thermal Conductivity Diamond Tester.

 • Operates on 3 x 'AAA' alkaline batteries
 • Battery power indicator
 •Measured Moissanite Continuous beep
 • Uses very low operating voltage
 • Low power consumption
 •Pocket size
 • Standard Carrying case 
 • Size : L-160mm x W-21mm x H-30mm
 • Weight : 45 gm
 • 1 Year Factory Warranty

 • Presidium Electronic Moissanite Tester PMTII Unit
 • Soft case
 • Loose stone holder
 • User handbook
 • Warranty card
 • Packaging

Optional Accessories:
 • Adaptor for AC wall mounted power source (120V or 230V). 
 • Alkaline batteries

The products in this kit are guaranteed to be factory fresh, shipped promptly in the manufacturer's boxes, and they are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
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