Tri Electronics GXL-NEXT-GOLD Professional Gold and Platinum Tester

Tri Electronics

  • $500.00
  • Save $149

Tri Electronics GXL Next Electronic Gold, Silver (optional) and Platinum Tester

GXL-NEXT-GOLD - Welcome to the next generation of electronic gold testers.

  • With the ability to test gold, silver (optional), & platinum the GXL-NEXT is the most complete electronic tester in the world.
  • Unrivaled electronic karat determination with full range from 6 to 24 karat (10, 14, 18, 22, 24 and all karats in between).
  • Our quick mode testing feature instantly measures yellow gold in 10, 14, 18, 20, 22, & 24 karats.
  • Touch mode allows for testing without the push of a button - simply touch.
  • The GXL-NEXT-GOLD does not require calibration each time it is turned on.
  • Capable of 1000+ clear and clean tests per cartridge with no mess.
  • Our liquid testing solution is harmless and contains no toxic chemicals.
  • If the sensor is left uncapped it will not deteriorate or dry out like marker based sensors.
  • With the ability to test gold, silver (with the purchase of optional silver testing kit), & detect platinum the GXL-NEXT-GOLD is the only tester you'll ever need.
  • Proudly assembled and Serviced in the United States
Purchase our optional silver testing add-on to add silver testing capabilities to your GXL-NEXT-GOLD tester

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