Gel Refill for Tri Electronics GXL-18 & GT-3000 Gold Testers

Gel Refill for Tri Electronics GXL-18 & GT-3000 Gold Testers

Tri Electronics

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Gel Refill For Tri Electronics GXL-18 & GT-3000

The Tri Electronics GXL-18 and the GT-3000 gold testers are high-precision jewelry testing instruments that are highly reputable and reliable.

However, the testers come with a limited amount of testing gel, making it necessary for any owner to periodically purchase gel refills. The refill tube makes professional blunders an issue of the past by ensuring that you always have a reliable, functioning, and ready-to-use tester.

With a refill that lasts up to 400 tests, the refill tube is a purchase made by all forward-thinking owners of the GXL18 or the GT3000.

Warning: Avoid damage to your gels! After years of experience here at iGem we strongly recommend that our customers use Expedited or Express shipping for all Tri Electronics Gel Refills. Without expedited shipping, the gels can be exposed to extreme temperatures that are outside of the proper storage range (below freezing or above 85 F). This exposure can render the gels unusable, and accordingly, iGem is not liable for damage caused to the gels through non-expedited shipping and will not provide refunds or exchanges for damages thereby incurred.


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