Tri Electronics GT-EXPRESS Mini Electronic Gold Tester (10K - 18K)

Tri Electronics

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The GT-EXPRESS Mini Tester is a new instrument in the TRI ELECTRONICS, INC. family of gold testers. The GT-EXPRESS uses the same method for determining gold content as the GXL-18 and GXL-24 testers and is packaged in a more compact configuration and only measures the most popular yellow gold karat values, i.e. 10K, 14K, and 18K. Excellent replacement for RS Mizar ET18 Gold Tester.

The GT-EXPRESS Mini Tester is an easy-to-use instrument, which does not require any special training for testing gold.
Please read and follow these instructions carefully to assure the proper operation of the instrument.

This product comes with a One Year Manufacturer's Repair/Replacement Warranty.


  1. Display unit
  2. Test plate with alligator clip
  3. Test wire connector
  4. Test liquid container
  5. File
  6. Eraser

TRI Electronics GT-EXPRESS Electronic Gold Tester Owner's Manual

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